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  • Lauren Callahan

It's Fall Y'all: 2022 Fall Home decor Trends

Fall Decor predictions for 2022, let's talk about it!

The first day of fall is coming up quick, and if you're counting down the days to bust out your fall decor, this post is for you!

Color Schemes

Grey and white is going out and Earth tones are in! This fall you can expect to see Earth tones and warm neutrals everywhere. Think muted greens, terracotta, oatmeal, rust, and sand.

When looking for decor, this is something you'll want to focus on for your accents. Vases, table runners, plants/garlands, and blankets. Adding these warm colors will really please the eye.

Natural wood tones

One thing I love about our apartment community is the units are following the new trends.

Natural Wood in lighter tones, especially in the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry with simple hardware.

To put it simply: Dark woods are out, light woods are in.

Woven Elements

I don't know what it is about baskets, but whenever I see one, I have to have it. I know I will find a use for it somewhere.

If you're anything like me, start adding them to your cart, woven elements are in! Woven baskets, whether for blankets, laundry, pillows, dog/cat toys, or even closet storage, buy them all!

As well as rattan furniture and fiber area rugs.

Textured Fabrics

To really bring out the organic feel, you're going to want to add different textured fabrics.

Think Linen pillow covers, Window treatments, and wool throw blankets. But can we also talk about those super cute sherpa pumpkin couch pillows?!

Overall, with a mix of natural wood and earth tones, and earthy materials, the new trends are bringing an outdoor feel inside.

It seems that the farmhouse style is out, and more and more people are going for a more timeless, sleek, modern, and earthy aesthetic.

Let us know what you think!

Check out our post on Instagram and let us know what you think about these trend predictions! Are you a fan?

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